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About the Foundation

The Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House, was established in 1974 for the purposes of acquiring O’Neill’s former residence in Danville, California and establishing it as a historic monument. Since then the foundation has devoted itself to developing the site into a center that promotes the vision and legacy of America’s first great playwright, Eugene O’Neill, through numerous educational, artistic, and research programs.


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2021 – 2022 Foundation Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Florence McAuley

Immediate Past President

Dan McGovern


Kathy Moore


Linda Grundhoffer


Foundation Board of Directors

Mary Camezon

Gary DeAtley (Advisory Board Liaison)

Marcia Harmon

Chuck Lewis

Teresa Morley

Vickie Sciacca



Artistic Director

Eric Fraisher Hayes

Eric Fraisher hayes’ bio here

Office Administrator

Alison Bodden

Terry Sherman

Turner Stanton

Greg Stoup

Carole Wynstra

Eric Fraisher Hayes, Artistic Director (Ex Officio)


Advisory Board

  • Linda Best
  • Marian Bliss
  • Daren Carollo
  • Wendy Cooper
  • Gary DeAtley
  • Eileen Herrmann
  • Virginia Iverson
  • Susan Jackson
  • Mark Jordan
  • J.R.K. Kantor
  • Beverly Lane
  • Trudy McMahon
  • Joyce Michalczyk

Marie Murphy

  • Claudia Nemir
  • Martha Ross
  • Gary Schaub
  • Diane Schinnerer
  • Bob Sehr
  • Carol Sherrill
  • Brian Thiessen


Honorary Members

Honorary Members are individuals who, through their own work and effort, have greatly contributed to the legacy of Eugene O’Neill.

  • Stephen A. Black
    Arvin Brown
    Zoe Caldwell
    Kiera Chaplin
    Brian Dennehy
    Glenda Jackson
  • Paul Libin
  • Jonathan Mann
    Lois Robards
    Gerald Eugene Stram
    Liv Ullman
    Max von Sydow
    George C. White

Click HERE for Awards and Honors

Want get involved? We have lots of needs:


  • IT – advise on ways to improve and develop our use of technology
  • Communications – write articles, press releases; edit same; assist with social media and web postings
  • Marketing – assist in developing marketing plans and outreach efforts
  • Fund Development – assist in the development of a plan to increase financial resources, including implementation
  • Grant Writing – research possible grant sources for program support; write and submit grant applications
  • Hospitality – provide hospitality support for Foundation-sponsored events at Tao House and in the community



  • Gianni's Tips For Change volunteer servers 2019