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Our Supporters

The Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House, is most grateful to you, our donors, for your generous contributions, which enable us to provide artistic and educational programs that focus on the vision and legacy of Eugene O’Neill, recognized throughout the world as American’s foremost playwright.

Please join us in recognizing the following donors through March 31, 2020:

Benefactors: $5,000+

Linda Grundhoffer*, Dan and Carolyn McGovern*, Claudia Nemir*, Adam and Christina Richards*, The Wood Foundation

Patron’s Circle: $2,500 – $4,999

Bishop Ranch, a Sunset Development Project*, Lisa and Brad Blackwell*, Chevron*, Republic Services*, Robert and Laura Sehr*, The Town of Danville*

Executive Producers’ Circle:  $1,000 – $2,499

The Leo and Celia Carlin Fund, Mark W. Jordan, Mac and Florence McAuley, Merilyn Milam, Teresa and Dan Morley, Eric Rudney Associates*, Diane and Don Shinnerer*, Jack Schwartzman Family Foundation, John and Carol Sherrill, Susan and Frank Terzuoli, Brian and Carolyn Thiessen*

Producers’ Circle: $500 – $999

Linda and Ed Best*, Ronald James Brown, Mike and Mary Lou Haugh, Elizabeth Lancaster, Charles Lewis, Pat and Trudy McMahon, Pam and Nate Patterson, Gerald Ricker and Suzanne Stephens, Ruby J. Robins,  Carol Rosenblum, Phil and Shari Scott*, Terry and Millie Sherman, William Smith, Carole Wynstra*

Directors’ Circle: $250 – $499

Nancy Bartholomew, Robert Bartoletti, David E. Behring, Alexander and Carol Brietzke, Wendy Cooper, Barbara and Rob Grant, Mark Haswell, Ron and Virginia Iverson, Laurence and Sandra Kessenick, Beverly Lane, Mary Ann and Fred Osborne,  Gary Schaub and Maria Gounaris*Winifred and Brad Stribling, Susan and Karl Taylor, Katherine and Richard Williams

Playwrights’ Circle: $100 – $249

Robert Arellanes, Alexander and Carol Brietzke, Mary Camezon,  Joanne and Terry Dale, Cecilia and Jack DeRieux, Roberta Eisel, Joseph P. Ficurelli, Marianne and Bill Gagen, Beryl Gaidos, Barton LeVan Gledhill*, Faye and Rich Guarienti, Judith and Charles Hervey, Rosalind Hirsch, Kyra P. Hubis, Susan Jackson, Ward and Leann Kanowsky, Anne and John Kubas, Elizabeth Lancaster, Rosalie E. Malatesta, Sharon McCarthy,  Michael and Brenda McNamara, Elizabeth Milam, Richard T. Russell, David and Sara Selway, Marlan L. Shanks, Sally Shaver, Eli Shefter, Gail and Douglas Smith, Karen G. Stepper, John P. Stern, Gerald E. Stram, Douglas Voorsanger, Michael and Joyce Wahlig, Penelope Washbourn, Sharon Watkinson

Actors’ Circle: $50 – $99

Carol Anderson, Philip C. Bellman, Marian Bliss, Sara Bossatti, David and Susann Calkins, Stevan J. Cavalier, Katy Colbath, Janeece Dagen and Michael Anker, Michael Fein, Hermine Fuerst Garcia, Edward Godfrey and Melanie Zukowski, John and Linda Green, Joanne Haukland, Gail K. Kamerer, Abby Koci, Erin and Jeffrey Mackey, Betty McNamara, Nancy Nelson, Alexander Pettit, E. Sams, Sally Scholl, Carina Teixeira, Peter and Eunice Wilson, Heidi Yamaguchi


*Includes Festival Sponsorship