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Our Supporters

The Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House, is most grateful to you, our donors, for your generous contributions that allow us to provide artistic and educational programs which focus on O’Neill’s vision and legacy. It’s because of your support that Eugene O’Neill continues to be recognized throughout the world as America’s foremost playwright.

Please join us in recognizing the following donors through March 2018:


Executive Producers’ Circle:  $1000+

Linda and Ed Best

Gagen, McCoy, McMahon, Koss,

Markowitz and Raines

Linda Grundhoffer

Kay Jones

Mac and Florence McAuley

Dan and Carolyn McGovern

Merilyn Milam

Claudia Nemir

Adam and Christina Richards

Diane and Don Schinnerer

Jack Schwartzman Family Fdn.

Robert Sehr

Brian Thiessen



Producers’ Circle: $500 – $999

The Leo and Celia Carlin Fund

Dan and Penny Cawthon-Washbourn

Ronald and Virginia Iverson

Trudy and Pat McMahon

Don Metz

Mary Ann Osborne

Pam and Nate Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Don Ritchey

Carol Rosenblum

Carolyn Schaffer

Gary Schaub and Maria Gounaris

Phil and Shari Scott

Donald and Ginia Shawl

Susan and Frank Terzuoli

Katherine and Richard Williams

Carole Wynstra



Directors’ Circle: $250 – $499

Mary Camezon

Joy Carlin

Marci and John Cassidy

Wendy and Tony Cooper

Roberta Eisel

Camilla Ewing

Paul and Marilyn Gardner

Barbara and Rob Grant

Beverly Lane

Fred Levin and Nancy Livingston

Bert and Joyce Michalczyk

Terry Sherman

John and Carol Sherrill

Robert and Sandra Storer

Susan and Karl Taylor

Kay Yu and Andre Neumann-Loreck


Playwrights’ Circle: $100 – $249

Donald and Constance Apostle

Robert Arellanes

Nancy Bartholomew

Phil Bellman

Bill Blair

Christopher Bowen

Zander Brietzke

Jackson Bryer

Kyn and Jow Castellano

Katy Colbath

David and Linn Coombs

Joanne and Terry A. Dale

Gary and Loucille De Atley

Jack and Cecilia DeRieux

Joseph P. Ficurelli

Marianne and Bill Gagen

Beryl Gaidos

Joan and Thomas Grimes

Joan D. Harberson

Dale and Joanne Haukland

Eileen Herrmann

Rosalind Hirsch

Virginia Hooper

Ward and Leann Kanowski

Anne Kubas

Gladys Laston, Janet Katzer

Charles Lewis

Rosalie E. Malatesta

Sharon McCarthy

Karl and Renee Molineux

Jim and Brenda Nirenstein

Janet Roberts

Ruby Robins

Richard T. Russell

David and Sara Selway

Marlan L. Shanks

Gail and Douglas Smith

Karen G. Stepper

John P. Stern

Barbara Stevens

Gerald Stram

Winifred Stribling

Michael and Joyce Wahlig

Rodney H. Washburn

George C. White

Diane and Tony Woodward

Thanks also to our Crew and Actor Level Donors!